Digital Advertising Boards

One of the hot topics in the outdoor signage business is that of Digital Advertising boards.

We thought we would give  you some background info on this industry and how it pertains to Singapore.


Digital sign boards often use LED technology as this has become the best and cheapest way to build digital sign boards. These big billboards are full colour and often produced in China. These are often the same digital boards used in sports stadium and can play video.

Advertising Central Control

Often digital sign boards are centrally controlled by the media owners and who have an easy way to change and control the advertising that is being displayed on them. In Singapore for instance there are a number of digital sign board owners like Media Corp , SPHMBO and Focus Media who can offer various digital solutions.

Advertising Graphics Creation 

When choosing who to work with regards to the creation of the content for your advertising this can either be done through the media owner or through 3rd party producers. Some of which can be found on plans to provide a supplier interface (coming soon) that will give you a range of graphics designers that you can work with.

Singapore Outdoor Advertising Industry

The Singapore outdoor advertising industry is worth roughly $134 million dollars a year according to Nielsen 2009 report.

One of the interesting things about the Singapore Outdoor Advertising market is that it is relatively tightly held with 4 outdoor media owners taking roughly 75% of the revenues in the market.

Some industry insiders say that as much as 45% of all the outdoor advertising inventory in Singapore goes unsold at any point in time.

In the Singapore advertising industry billboard advertising is not as common as many other cities due to the Government regulation with regards to where and when Singapore outdoor advertising owners can display advertising. If you are interested in the Singapore outdoor advertising laws and regulations please see the following link:

At we are making it easier to buy and sell Singapore outdoor advertising.

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Bus Advertising in Singapore

Bus Advertising is very similar to Taxi Advertising in Singapore however the impact of bus advertising can be bigger due to the large advertising space that buses offer to advertisers.

In Singapore Bus Advertising can be done on the two main bus operators:

SBS Transit

Fleet: 2,582

Daily Trips: 2.34 million

SMRT Buses

Fleet: 863

Daily Trips: 661,595

Alternatives to these two main operators are through smaller niche operators which can provide tour bus advertising on specific routes often set out by the advertiser.

Cost of Bus Advertising

In Singapore bus advertising can cost as much as S$3500 to S$7000 pricing per month in some of the more expensive bus routes. Pricing varies on the number of buses, the bus route that you wish to advertises on and the length of the campaign.

Please contact us if you have more questions related to bus advertising in Singapore.

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Digital BillBoard Advertising

Digital Board Advertising has been touted as the future of outdoor advertising for some time now.

In Singapore there are a number of digital billboard advertising slots. Lesser known digital outdoor advertising brands cater for things like elevator lifts and bank terminals but the attention usually goes to the flashy LED boards you find in the transit halls and shopping malls.

The adverts in these digital outdoor advertising spots are often sold in 15 second instances that get rotated between advertisers. This is often popular with advertisers seeking to promote movie releases, however innovative advertising execs from other industries also sometimes dabble in this advertising medium. offers a number of digital outdoor advertising spaces and please visit our website or contact our sales staff to help you find the best digital outdoor advertising space that will meet your requirements.

Billboard Ads in Singapore

BillBoard Advertising in SIngapore

Event Advertising

One of the exciting things that is doing is helping Event organizers find sponsorships and advertising.

Through the website it is now easy to upload your event inventory and set pricing for this.

What might be even more interesting for Event Advertisers is the auction functionality which allows event organizers a way to  maximize their returns on their premium inventory. It is also a good way to clear unsold inventory as minimum bid amounts protect the event organizers from losing money on advertising placements but help find those hard to come by last minute advertisers that you need in order to fill your inventory. is the first market place to offer this to event organizers and is destined to fill and exciting niche in the advertising market.

If you are an event organizer sign up now for a free account and only pay when fills your advertising space.

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There are a number of improvements in the new website. These include:

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Outdoor Advertising Types

When asked what does my common response is that we are a online marketplace for Outdoor Media.

This usually leads to what kind of Outdoor Media? EatAds supports all outdoor media such and even goes beyond traditional media into event advertising.

Its probably a good idea to list the outdoor media types that exist in the outdoor advertising market at the moment.

  • Billboard (traditional billboards that you see on buildings and along side the road)
  • Shopping Cart (advertising on shopping carts that are pushed around the stores)
  • Display window (those windows with lights on them advertising movies, new perfumes etc.)
  • Digital Boards (Usually LED boards that have movies, market reports and trailers)
  • Taxi Shelters (Static print advertising often found with new movie releases)
  • Cinema Ads (You know the ads that come before you see the feature movie)
  • Private Vehicles (like taxi adverts just on private vehicles)
  • Lamp Poster (Boards found stuck on lamp posts)
  • Bin Adverts (Advertising found on public bins)
  • Shopping Centre Ads (Adverts on pillons, floors and elevators etc.)
  • School Sponsorships (Having a pageant or sports team that you would like to sponsor)
  • Team Sponsorships (Social Club teams all the way up to professional sports teams)
  • Charity Sponsorship (Local charities always need the help and the advertising makes you look socially responsible)
  • Event Advertising (Flags, banners and etc. can all have your advertising on it)
  • Taxi’s Advertising (A firm favorite in many big metropolises)
  • Phone Booth (Put your adverts on the side of phone booths)
  • Street Furniture (Advertising on public furniture)
  • Transit Advertising (Trains, buses and planes can all have your logo)
  • Wallscape Adverts (Painting a building can be very eye catching)

We hope this helps you find the right kind of advertising for your needs.