How best to get the outdoor advertising message to your clients.

Once you have bought your outdoor advertising the next challenge is to get the message to your users in an easy to understand message.

The best brands in the world study this and understand this concept.

Global brands like Coca-cola, Nike, HSBC, CITIBank etc. have worked on this over the years.

As a advertiser there are a couple of key check lists that you should be aware of before launching your advertising campaign.

  1. Make sure that your customers can read your message. Often the text is too small and crowded on advertisements.
  2. Does the message resonate with your audience. Use language (tone) that your customers understand.
  3. Use engaging message that interact with clients. Customers appreciate questions and observations that are interesting to them.
  4. Keep the branding clear. A big part of outdoor advertising is building the brand. Make sure you don’t dilute this by messing with your brand.

We hope this helps you with your next outdoor advertising campaign.

All the best.

Team EatAds


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