Outdoor Advertising Types

When asked what EatAds.com does my common response is that we are a online marketplace for Outdoor Media.

This usually leads to what kind of Outdoor Media? EatAds supports all outdoor media such and even goes beyond traditional media into event advertising.

Its probably a good idea to list the outdoor media types that exist in the outdoor advertising market at the moment.

  • Billboard (traditional billboards that you see on buildings and along side the road)
  • Shopping Cart (advertising on shopping carts that are pushed around the stores)
  • Display window (those windows with lights on them advertising movies, new perfumes etc.)
  • Digital Boards (Usually LED boards that have movies, market reports and trailers)
  • Taxi Shelters (Static print advertising often found with new movie releases)
  • Cinema Ads (You know the ads that come before you see the feature movie)
  • Private Vehicles (like taxi adverts just on private vehicles)
  • Lamp Poster (Boards found stuck on lamp posts)
  • Bin Adverts (Advertising found on public bins)
  • Shopping Centre Ads (Adverts on pillons, floors and elevators etc.)
  • School Sponsorships (Having a pageant or sports team that you would like to sponsor)
  • Team Sponsorships (Social Club teams all the way up to professional sports teams)
  • Charity Sponsorship (Local charities always need the help and the advertising makes you look socially responsible)
  • Event Advertising (Flags, banners and etc. can all have your advertising on it)
  • Taxi’s Advertising (A firm favorite in many big metropolises)
  • Phone Booth (Put your adverts on the side of phone booths)
  • Street Furniture (Advertising on public furniture)
  • Transit Advertising (Trains, buses and planes can all have your logo)
  • Wallscape Adverts (Painting a building can be very eye catching)

We hope this helps you find the right kind of advertising for your needs.

Team EatAds.com

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