Digital Advertising Boards

One of the hot topics in the outdoor signage business is that of Digital Advertising boards.

We thought we would give  you some background info on this industry and how it pertains to Singapore.


Digital sign boards often use LED technology as this has become the best and cheapest way to build digital sign boards. These big billboards are full colour and often produced in China. These are often the same digital boards used in sports stadium and can play video.

Advertising Central Control

Often digital sign boards are centrally controlled by the media owners and who have an easy way to change and control the advertising that is being displayed on them. In Singapore for instance there are a number of digital sign board owners like Media Corp , SPHMBO and Focus Media who can offer various digital solutions.

Advertising Graphics Creation 

When choosing who to work with regards to the creation of the content for your advertising this can either be done through the media owner or through 3rd party producers. Some of which can be found on plans to provide a supplier interface (coming soon) that will give you a range of graphics designers that you can work with.

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