How best to get the outdoor advertising message to your clients.

Once you have bought your outdoor advertising the next challenge is to get the message to your users in an easy to understand message.

The best brands in the world study this and understand this concept.

Global brands like Coca-cola, Nike, HSBC, CITIBank etc. have worked on this over the years.

As a advertiser there are a couple of key check lists that you should be aware of before launching your advertising campaign.

  1. Make sure that your customers can read your message. Often the text is too small and crowded on advertisements.
  2. Does the message resonate with your audience. Use language (tone) that your customers understand.
  3. Use engaging message that interact with clients. Customers appreciate questions and observations that are interesting to them.
  4. Keep the branding clear. A big part of outdoor advertising is building the brand. Make sure you don’t dilute this by messing with your brand.

We hope this helps you with your next outdoor advertising campaign.

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How do you track outdoor advertising?

One common misconception for outdoor marketing is that you can’t track its success.

However there are many ways to track outdoor marketing.

Here are some of the ways that you can track outdoor marketing campaigns.

  1. Use unique phone numbers. You can track the phone calls you receive from this.  If you have a CRM system than its also possible to track conversions from this.
  2. Use unique website URL’s. Again you can track the number of visits to these URL’s and track any conversions from this.
  3. Use unique special offers like discount codes or coupons. If tracked correctly this can provide invaluable information around a campaigns effectiveness.
  4. Do before and after market surveys. This can help check for brand recognition before and after the campaign. Would only suggest this for larger budgets.

Tracking marketing effectiveness can be done and with a practical approach it is possible to see and compare different marketing channels and their effectiveness.

We hope this helps if you need more ideas and information please contact us.

Team EatAds

Taxi Advertising in Singapore

Taxi advertising is one of the most effective and pervasive advertising in Singapore today.

Number of Taxis in Singapore

There are over 25,000 taxi’s in Singapore which operate 24/7 with shifts being used to keep them on the road.

Cost of Taxi Advertising in Singapore

Taxi advertising costs vary according to the number of taxi’s and the number of weeks that you wish to advertise on the taxis. This can range from as little as $100 all the way up to $500 a month.   See more about the cost of taxi advertising on our website

Taxi Advertising Installation

Taxi advertising can be done fully wrapped, have bumper stickers or just a door advertisement.

The cost of the taxi advertising is usually done on monthly basis and includes the work involved in manufacturing and installing the advertising.


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Why do Outdoor Advertising, its going to die right?

When we first mention the idea of Outdoor Advertising and what we are doing as a marketplace people often think we are working in a dying industry.

So while offline media in general is in decline (TV, Newspapers, Magazines and Radio)  this is because of the shift in consumer behavior. What is not changing is that people are going to work and going out of their homes.

In terms of media spend outdoor media is in fact growing.

“Outdoor Advertising in the United States generated US$5.9B in revenues in 2009 and is growing 10% each year. ”  – OAAA

APAC OOH is growing at 4.5% a year and is expected to be a S$15B industry by 2014 according to PWC.

Which leads us to the next point.

Outdoor Media is one of the most cost effective media buys at the moment when compared to other media.

A report from Morgan Stanley from 2009-2010 shows that the CPM is only bettered by Internet.

CPM's across media industries.

Morganc Stanley report 2009-2010 CPM across media industries

EatAds is also expanding its horizon’s in the media industry and believes by incorporating event advertising and sports sponsorship into this mix it can gain even further reach at a lower cost per impression than ever before. All food for thought when your planning your next media budget.

How big is the Asian Outdoor advertising market?

We get asked how big the Asian Outdoor advertising market is quite a bit.

In Singapore Dollar terms the Asian Pacific Outdoor market will be worth around S$15 Billion dollars by 2014 according to PWC.

In 2009 the Asia Pacific outdoor market according to a Nielsen 2009 was worth:

Asian Pacific Outdoor Advertising Market Size

The size of the Asia Pacific outdoor ad market.

Year 2009
Australia $347,377,000
Hong Kong $439,170,000
India $317,728,000
Malaysia $31,501,000
New Zealand $65,946,000
Singapore $134,327,000
Taiwan $87,644,000
Thailand $122,336,000
Total $1,546,029,000

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