EatAds Update – Improved Support and New RFP’s

The EatAds team has been really busy (as all new successful businesses are).

There are a number of new features been released on the website non more important than the livechat support functionality. EatAds strongly believes in customer support and is working towards having the best customer support for outdoor advertising in the world. Please let us know what you think about this feature and if you would like to see any changes with it.

Another big announcement is our new outdoor advertising request for proposal (RFP) listings. The RFP functionality allows advertisers to find outdoor media owners and get online quotations. The EatAds team is really excited about this development as we believe it will save time and get the best possible outdoor advertising deals available for media buyers.

There is more big news in store so watch this space.

Team EatAds

EatAds Vietnam has come to Vietnam.

When we talk about coming to Vietnam we mean the following:

  1. Phone number
  2. Local on the ground support
  3. Local language on the website
  4. Local currency

EatAds has all these things in Vietnam and will be adding some great outdoor advertising deals in Vietnam in the coming weeks.

This will mean that EatAds clients can benefit from local Vietnam knowledge and insights. Vietnamese clients will also be able to benefit from EatAds regional reach and expertise.

Expect to see more outdoor advertising listings in Vietnam soon.

EatAds Vietnam Homepage

Special Outdoor Advertising Deals

Today EatAds launched “Special Deals”.

This is a new feature that the EatAds team vets before proclaiming the outdoor advertising offer to be a special deal.

The website has marked the “Special Deals” with a red star.

Special Outdoor Advertising Deals

EatAds will continue bring you special outdoor advertising deals.

If you are a media owner and want to offer EatAds special exclusive deals please contact us.

EatAds Homepage Update & Top Deals Arrives!

The team has been working hard on improving the user experience at With this in mind we have made a couple of changes to the website today.

The changes are:

  1. Added “Top Deals” to the Homepage
  2. Added Sales contact number across the website
  3. Improved the individual listing details by making things clearer
  4. Added “Make an Offer” feature

The last feature is probably the most interesting feature in this release as it allows advertisers to express interest in an advert and get feed back from the media owner. We are building out a haggle model which will replicate the real world interactions and help speed up the process.

EatAds homepage upgrade now with "Top Deals"

EatAds Homepage Upgrade

Bus Stops Advertising in Singapore

Bus Stop Advertising in Singapore

Bus Stop Advertising in Singapore

EatAds have recently received the bus stop advertising inventory for Singapore. We thought it would be a good idea to clarify these Bus Stop Adverts as they areĀ  sold individually and it can be a bit confusing.

As an example here is a listing for bus stop adverts:

If you request for pricing EatAds will be able to give you individual pricing for the bus stops in this listing i.e.:

1. Far East Plaza
2. Midpoint Orchard
3. Opp Meritus Mandarin
4. Lucky Plaza
5. Royal Thai Embassy
6. Concorde Hotel
7. Orchard Plaza
8. Delfi Orchard
9. Thong Teck Building
10. Royal Plaza on Scotts
11. After Tomlinson Rd

EatAds can also sell bus stop packages which have wider reach at very reasonable rates. Please contact our sales team and they will work out a deal for you.


Team EatAds

EatAds seeks to expand team for Thai and Indonesian Bahasa

EatAds is planning to expand its team.

We are seeking intern positions in Singapore for people who can read and write Thai or Indonesian.

As an Asian startup based in Singapore we are looking for candidates that are resourceful and interested in new and exciting ventures.

The role will be challenging and hard work. You would be part of something that is growing and around experienced marketing professionals that will teach you and grow your experience.

Please see more at

Makeover for EatAds Blog & Twitter Account

Yesterday our graphics design guy Thye helped us with our Twitter and Blog.

I am really happy with the work he did and wanted to share our appreciation with the world.

Updated Twitter page

Thye also worked on our Blog and now it shares a similar look and feel to that of our website. To any other business out there that has a blog I would suggest you also try to customize it so that it shares the same look and feel as your website. In many respects this is just good common sense which is often overlooked. In addition you should try to integrate your blog into your website URL through forwarding the wordpress, blogger, etc. account to your website and possibly create a subdomain like our blog:

We hope you like these new features and look forward to bringing you more outdoor advertising news soon.