New Update

We had a fairly large update today (Monday 2 May 2011).

This included the following:

  1. Homepage makeover
  2. Header and footer makeover
  3. Advertiser and Media owner add listing makeover
  4. Add a Request for Proposal for Advertisers

The last addition is significant as it is the first marketplace of its kind where advertisers can list their advertising requirements and media owners can submit closed quotations to the advertisers using the inventory system.

There are many benefits here to all parties involved in outdoor advertising. The primary one being time saved.

The EatAds team has over the past few months been getting industry feedback and customers requests for advertising. We are trying our best to take the pain out of the process and streamline the way people find and buy outdoor advertising.

We already have a number of improvements to this system that we would like to add like customer research etc. so please bear with us as we work hard to bring the world the best outdoor advertising marketplace imaginable.

Your comments and suggestions are all listened to so feel free to fire away.


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Maverick - backs up websites into the cloud - an online marketplace for outdoor media

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