New Media Owner Payment Options

Today announced a new media owner business model.

The reason for these new options is to align EatAds more closely with clients. EatAds has over the past few months engaged with a broad spectrum of  interested parties in the outdoor advertising space. It has become evident that for EatAds to truly give its clients the best deals possible it must allow media owners the option of having no agency commission fee. This will mean that media owners can truly give their best pricing and put as much available inventory onto EatAds without being shackled with an antiquated agency business model.

Please find a link with more information on our media owner options.

Cost 15% commission on sales Cost Per Lead $100 Fixed 30 Day Fee $1000 (Unlimited)
Free Sign Up x x x
Free Listing x x x
Direct Customer Contact
x x
Direct Payment
x x
Website Branding


Updated Homepage and added Technorati XB43BNGKQC59

We have cleaned up the homepage and tried to bring the top deals above the fold for smaller browsers.

EatAds is always trying to find ways to improve clients user journeys and have a few more improvements on the way this week.

Watch this space.

Outdoor Media Inventory Picture Discovery

EatAds has launched a cool new feature for advertisers that want to sample something a bit different.

Outdoor Advertising picture discovery

EatAds Picture Slider

The picture slider allows you to surf through EatAds database of outdoor advertising, making finding outdoor advertising more interesting. By moving your cursor on the picture you can move backwards and forwards through the pictures and click on the text link on the bottom of the picture to see more details on the inventory shown.

The pictures are currently randomly selected to increase the chances you will see something new and interesting.

We hope you enjoy this new fun feature and give your feedback.

In addition to the picture slider we are also running our first poll. More initiatives for EatAds today.

More big announcements on the way next week.

Hong Kong Outdoor Media Owners

EatAds has added traditional chinese to its website and is seeking more Hong Kong media owners.

The Hong Kong outdoor advertising industry is valued at over $400M a year. EatAds has already signed up numerous outdoor advertising hong kong media placements but would like to gain even more coverage.

If you are a Hong Kong media owner and want to get added exposure for your inventory please sign up with EatAds.

Calling all outdoor media owners in HK



EatAds Launches Service Section

EatAds has recently launched the Services Section on its website.

Service business are defined as vendors that are not outdoor media owners or advertisers.

Typical service business are:

  • Graphics designers
  • Sign manufacturers
  • Sign Installers
  • Sign Printers
  • LED Software controllers etc.

EatAds is currently offering the listings for these suppliers for free on its website as an introductory offer.

If you are an outdoor advertising service provider you can sign up now and get exposure to advertisers and media owners.

EatAds Chinese Translations

We have add Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) to

Mandarin is widely spoken in China, Malaysia and Taiwan and is the number one language in the world closely followed by English.

EatAds has translated the website manually so hopefully you will not find too many errors in the pages. Please let us know if you find any glaring faults.

EatAds already has significant exposure in Hong Kong outdoor advertising and hopes that the Traditional Chinese translation will help in encouraging more outdoor media owners to join up in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

We are very excited about this new opportunity and see a big future in Asia.

Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese