Number of Outdoor Media Owners in Asia

At EatAds we have been focusing our efforts on the Asian Outdoor Advertising market.

One of the interesting out of home facts that we are always seeking is home many media owners are there in any particular market.

From our research to date we have established the following numbers Number of media owners and the out of home market size:

Singapore OOH – 20 ($100M)

Malaysia OOH – 180 ($200M)

Vietnam OOH – 160 ($200M)

Indonesia OOH -150 ($100M)

Thailand OOH – 100 ($120M)

Please let If you have more accurate information than this – Contact us


Team EatAds





30 Free Trial $1000 Media Owner

Today EatAds launched the $1000 media owner option with a 30 free trial.

EatAds is providing 30 Free day trial for its $1000 media owner option The default option has now been set as the $1000 which provides 30 day payment option. The $1000 payment option gives media owners getting free unlimited leads and a company profile page. More information to  come on the company profile page. EatAds is providing media owners direct access to its clients that use its platform.

EatAds has tried to simplify its outdoor media owner options and is hopefully simpler to understand for media owners.

New EatAds Outdoor Listings

EatAds launched a new look and feel for its outdoor advertising listings pages today.

The new look makes better use of the space on the page and is more appealing on the eyes.

New format for EatAds outdoor listings

In addition to the look new square listings we have also tried to make the listings filters easier to use by only showing media types for where EatAds has media. This is all part of EatAds philosophy of improving the user experience.

We are often asked if this is the final product and all we can say is that software is never finished just improved upon.

Another philosophy we are trying to install into the EatAds culture is that of “less is more”. We continue to try to add features that make using easier and at the same time look to reduce unwarranted links and things that don’t add significant value to the user experience.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for the site.

Team EatAds

Outdoor Advertising Transit

Ever thought about advertising on a the Singapore train transit system.

With Singapore ridership of 1.952 million (2009) this is one of the best ways to capture a captive audience.

Trains can be advertised on and you can choose to advertise on only green/red train lines in Singapore or just on train yellow lines.

If you would like to advertise in the train then you can buy advertising on a monthly basis.

EatAds is now offering Train advertising in Singapore.

Please contact us to find out more.