Happy Easter!

A very happy Easter to everyone from the Eatads team!


Holi Hai!

Happy Holi everyone, have fun and save water!


Picture of Co-Founder of Eatads, Nigel Hembrow,  who is currently in India this week following the OOH awards in Delhi.

Print Advertising Turns a New Leaf

It is rare to see innovative print advertising, but the MacBook Pro – Ultra Thin caught every readers attention when they fashioned two sides of a magazine’s page as the new Macbook Pro, emphasizing on the new slim structure. Now that’s what we call turning over a new leaf.


Knock. Knock.

Has the term outdoor advertising been taken a little too literally? Check out how Papa John’s Pizza (Peru) ambushes its audience right outside the door with a pop up advertisement that looks unbelievably real through the peep hole. What if you woke up to something like this, creepy or funny?

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Is that a plane? Is that a bird?

billboard-ads-superhumanAnando Milk reveals itself as the secret to superhuman powers by moving a part of Mumbai’s high rise!

Outdoor Advertising Reaches a New (T)High


Behold, as we usher in a new wave of innovative advertising. Nope, it isn’t a bleeding edge technology that is capable of taking advertising one step further. In fact this new trend takes us back to our bare fundamentals: our bodies.

Women in Japan are now wearing advertisements on their bodies; to be specific their thigh region that is revealed between their skirts and knee high socks. This phenomenon is being called ‘Japan’s most popular fetish’ already. The rules are simple; the girls have to be above 18 years of age and must know at least 20 people on social networking sites. Now, you may wonder, why would girls want to stick advertisements on their thighs? Here’s the clincher – they earn up to $128 dollars a day!

As interesting and exciting as this sounds, the real question that tugs our brain is – is this idea just a fad or is it here to stay? With a variety of cultures, rules and mind sets across the world, which countries do you think would be ready to welcome a concept like this?

Keeping it real

Berger Paints’ billboard campaign in Mumbai compels passerby’s to stop and stare. We love the powerful simplicity of the concept, don’t you?

billboard-ads-berger eatads