Innovative advertising still afloat

Mumbai’s waters were host to an interesting piece of advertising when the movie, The Day After Tomorrow, promoted itself with a drowning banner. Adding some context to a hoarding always gets you brownie points!


Shape Matters

It’s refreshing to see advertisers deviating from the standard hoarding specifications to experiment with various shapes and designs. Here are a few interesting advertisements that have been executed beautifully!



Sao Paulo stripped off

Did you know that the 4th largest city in the world has been undressed of 15000 outdoor ads to make it a ‘clean city’? The mayor of Sao Paulo has outlawed all hoardings, out sized store signs and all other forms of outdoor publicity – including the distribution of fliers! Extreme much?




We’re feeling the love!


Turns out after the two arduous yet fun days at Startup Asia, we seemed to have garnered some attention from the media! The team up at Poached who covered the event has listed us as one of the up-and-coming start ups that have caught their eye! Read it here.

Beware of your surroundings!

What happens when you create a powerful advertisement and then forget to check it’s placement and surroundings?


wrong placement ad

Hopefully they’ve learnt their lesson.

Uh oh, now that sucks

Sometimes even the best let a few details slip, or should I say slide? The Starbucks van gives passer by’s something to think about. Untitled

Monday Morning Fools !

Rid your Monday blues with some pranks on this April Fools !