Life size is out, king size is in!

Let a child see an advertisement like this and you are golden. Makes us wish we could own a set of Hot Wheels too – ah, the child inside awakens.


Painting the town yellow !

Coop’s Paints spills over the line of boring advertising by jumping out of the hoarding. ¬†Who knew advertisements for paint could be so exciting?

Outdoor-Advertising (1)

Innovative advertising still afloat

Mumbai’s waters were host to an interesting piece of advertising when the movie, The Day After Tomorrow, promoted itself with a drowning banner. Adding some context to a hoarding always gets you brownie points!


Shape Matters

It’s refreshing to see advertisers deviating from the standard hoarding specifications to experiment with various shapes and designs. Here are a few interesting advertisements that have been executed beautifully!



Beware of your surroundings!

What happens when you create a powerful advertisement and then forget to check it’s placement and surroundings?


wrong placement ad

Hopefully they’ve learnt their lesson.

Print Advertising Turns a New Leaf

It is rare to see innovative print advertising, but the MacBook Pro – Ultra Thin caught every readers attention when they fashioned two sides of a magazine’s page as the new Macbook Pro, emphasizing on the new slim structure. Now that’s what we call turning over a new leaf.


Knock. Knock.

Has the term outdoor advertising been taken a little too literally? Check out how Papa John’s Pizza (Peru) ambushes its audience right outside the door with a pop up advertisement that looks unbelievably real through the peep hole. What if you woke up to something like this, creepy or funny?

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