Innovative advertising still afloat

Mumbai’s waters were host to an interesting piece of advertising when the movie, The Day After Tomorrow, promoted itself with a drowning banner. Adding some context to a hoarding always gets you brownie points!


Shape Matters

It’s refreshing to see advertisers deviating from the standard hoarding specifications to experiment with various shapes and designs. Here are a few interesting advertisements that have been executed beautifully!



Sao Paulo stripped off

Did you know that the 4th largest city in the world has been undressed of 15000 outdoor ads to make it a ‘clean city’? The mayor of Sao Paulo has outlawed all hoardings, out sized store signs and all other forms of outdoor publicity – including the distribution of fliers! Extreme much?




Pushing the Limits of OOH

Pushing the Limits of OOH

An interesting campaign by Ogilvy Action. Check it out!

Rotis with a message

EatAds now selling Magazine Ad space has started selling magazine ad space.

The magazine advertising market is now $60B market and nearly double that of Outdoor Advertising.

Magazine Advertising Sold onlineEatAds plans to promote magazine advertising through its online marketplace.

We see this as a very big opportunity and one that could be very complimentary with the outdoor advertising that EatAds currently caters for.

Magazine advertising is sold in three ways usually:

1. Display Ads which are sold as Full Page, Half Page, Quarter page ads.

2. Classifieds are usually sold as text in the classified section of the magazine.

3. Advertorials are articles sponsored by the advertiser written by journalistic style and noted as being an advertorial.

If you are a magazine owner please sign up.




Taxi Advertising in Hong Kong

Taxi Advertising in Hong Kong is one of the best ways to get exposure for your brand.

There are over 18,000 taxi’s in Hong Kong.

There are three types of taxi’s in Hong Kong:

Green- New Territories

Blue – Lantau

Red – Urban

The red taxi’s are the predominate taxi’s making up over 15,000 of the taxi’s available in Hong Kong. Most advertisers will focus on the main island and the red urban taxi’s will be their primary focus.

EatAds offers different advertising packages on its website for taxi’s.
Example of Taxi Ads in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong Taxi Advertising

Recession & Outdoor Advertising Industry

The news  lately has a number of articles warning of a potential recession that could affect the entire world.

If this recession does happen Outdoor Advertising is going to be affected and one of the questions the EatAds team asks itself is how will this will affect its business.

The good news for EatAds is that in many ways the recession could benefit the online outdoor advertising marketplace business.

Here is why:

  1. Media owners will have more stock to offer to online outdoor advertising markets
  2. Media owners will be more inclined to show pricing and offer specials online in order to move stock
  3. Media owners will be more in favor of innovation due to the need to sell their inventory  (online auctions)
  4. Advertising exec’s will seek better ways to buy outdoor inventory

EatAds is making outdoor advertising more efficient and we believe a recession will spur the outdoor media industry to embrace more efficient online media channels.

We look forward to seeing the changes that happen over the next while.