Event Advertising

One of the exciting things that EatAds.com is doing is helping Event organizers find sponsorships and advertising.

Through the EatAds.com website it is now easy to upload your event inventory and set pricing for this.

What might be even more interesting for Event Advertisers is the auction functionality which allows event organizers a way to  maximize their returns on their premium inventory. It is also a good way to clear unsold inventory as minimum bid amounts protect the event organizers from losing money on advertising placements but help find those hard to come by last minute advertisers that you need in order to fill your inventory.

EatAds.com is the first market place to offer this to event organizers and is destined to fill and exciting niche in the advertising market.

If you are an event organizer sign up now for a free account and only pay when EatAds.com fills your advertising space.

All the best!

Team EatAds