Life size is out, king size is in!

Let a child see an advertisement like this and you are golden. Makes us wish we could own a set of Hot Wheels too – ah, the child inside awakens.


Painting the town yellow !

Coop’s Paints spills over the line of boring advertising by jumping out of the hoarding. ¬†Who knew advertisements for paint could be so exciting?

Outdoor-Advertising (1)

Print Advertising Turns a New Leaf

It is rare to see innovative print advertising, but the MacBook Pro – Ultra Thin caught every readers attention when they fashioned two sides of a magazine’s page as the new Macbook Pro, emphasizing on the new slim structure. Now that’s what we call turning over a new leaf.


Keeping it real

Berger Paints’ billboard campaign in Mumbai compels passerby’s to stop and stare. We love the powerful simplicity of the concept, don’t you?

billboard-ads-berger eatads

EatAds Launches in India

EatAds is really excited about our new Indian operations.

We have two offices in Delhi and Mumbai. Our contact details are

Expect EatAds Indian outdoor advertising listings to grow substantially over the coming months.

EatAds launches in India