Shape Matters

It’s refreshing to see advertisers deviating from the standard hoarding specifications to experiment with various shapes and designs. Here are a few interesting advertisements that have been executed beautifully!



Sao Paulo stripped off

Did you know that the 4th largest city in the world has been undressed of 15000 outdoor ads to make it a ‘clean city’? The mayor of Sao Paulo has outlawed all hoardings, out sized store signs and all other forms of outdoor publicity – including the distribution of fliers! Extreme much?




Beware of your surroundings!

What happens when you create a powerful advertisement and then forget to check it’s placement and surroundings?


wrong placement ad

Hopefully they’ve learnt their lesson.

Singapore Outdoor Advertising Industry

The Singapore outdoor advertising industry is worth roughly $134 million dollars a year according to Nielsen 2009 report.

One of the interesting things about the Singapore Outdoor Advertising market is that it is relatively tightly held with 4 outdoor media owners taking roughly 75% of the revenues in the market.

Some industry insiders say that as much as 45% of all the outdoor advertising inventory in Singapore goes unsold at any point in time.

In the Singapore advertising industry billboard advertising is not as common as many other cities due to the Government regulation with regards to where and when Singapore outdoor advertising owners can display advertising. If you are interested in the Singapore outdoor advertising laws and regulations please see the following link:

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